Conscious Leadership sets the tone to Raise the Bar on Employee Engagement

This style of leadership attracts and magnetizes top talent for your organization.
When you Raise the Bar you create environments where ideas flourish – and your team owns the company’s overall vision and business strategies.

The Leadership Differentiator is Connection.

And this is often the missing ingredient. Connection is more than leadership development or talent management. There is an ART to developing and sustaining this skill.

At High Jump Leadership, we create a safe container to develop your Conscious Leadership skills. Coupled with our proven framework to provide clarity of direction, create collaboration across the team, and enhance capability… we take a fresh look at how to address corporate culture, strategic program design, communication, and change management.

We empower you to raise the bar and reach higher levels of profits and results in your business.

Our goal is to teach you how to:

  • attract the very best talent for your team.
  • build stronger client relationships.
  • gain stronger results on your business investments.
  • improve your productivity levels.
  • lower your overall costs associated with recruitment and wellbeing.

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What Clients Say

“You are one of our all time fav consultants. That was a fun project to work on. We are still operating under the model we developed back then which is amazing”
VP, Global Medical Devices Fortune 500 Company
“Hollie is one of the best facilitators I’ve ever seen”
Former VP, Capgemini
“What makes you different – you get it done!”
Executive Director, Fortune 500 Major Pharmaceutical Company
“You are great at connecting the dots and identifying the relationships and effects of various people and processes on one another”
Executive Director, Forest Laboratories
“You really understand our culture and blend in as if you are one of our employees”
Executive Director, Fortune 500 Major Pharmaceutical Company
“Hollie brings great energy”
VP, AstraZeneca

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