Areas of Expertise

We work with business owners and executives to co-create intentional,
authentic leadership strategies that RAISE THE BAR on connection between
you, the business strategy and the organization – leading to higher levels of
business results and personal fulfillment. The human element of connection
is central to our system – and is the leadership differentiator.

Our clients come in different sizes, industries, business models, and
geographies. We have partnered with smaller, privately held companies as
well as large public corporations. We tailor our approach based on each
clients unique needs to improve leadership performance.

What Clients Say

You really understand our culture and blend in as if you are one of our employees
Executive Director, Fortune 500 Major Pharmaceutical Company
“You are one of our all time fav consultants. That was a fun project to work on. We are still operating under the model we developed back then which is amazing”
VP, Global Medical Devices Fortune 500 Company
“Hollie is one of the best facilitators I’ve ever seen”
Former VP, Capgemini
“You are great at connecting the dots and identifying the relationships and effects of various people and processes on one another”
Executive Director, Forest Laboratories
“What makes you different – you get it done!”
Executive Director, Fortune 500 Major Pharmaceutical Company
“Hollie brings great energy”
VP, AstraZeneca

Executive Mentoring and Development

Break through to the next level of leadership effectiveness - so that you connect for higher results


  • Exclusive and highly
    confidential one-on-one
    coaching environments
  • Deepen understanding and
    insights regarding your
    personal drivers and
  • Gain tools to master your
    leadership choices that
    create results

Leadership Brand

Create a leadership brand that servers to drive your leadership choices and results!

Leadership Brand Definition

  • Create an intentional
    leadership brand that
    reflects your authentic
    purpose and values
  • Develop a communication
    strategy and action plan to
    integrate into your business
    strategy and day-to-day

Leadership Effectiveness Assessment

Understand how your team perceives your leadership effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness Assessment

  • Develop a baseline measure of your team’s perception of leadership style
  • Identify areas of leadership strength and opportunity against your brand and business goals
  • Develop a communication strategy and action plan

Leadership Team

Create outstanding connection and alignment around strategy and direction

Leadership Team Alignment

  • Using a combination of confidential 1:1 discussions and collaborative venues, gain understanding of the real areas of alignment or mis-alignment
  • Collaboratively bridge solutions with leadership team buy-in

Other Services

Leveraging your vision for the company direction, we co-create with you a strategy to develop the internal team to fill your key leadership positions.


Hollie actively speaks on a wide variety of topics and is available to host your next keynote, workshop, retreat or seminar. Click here for a partial list of speaking topics. All materials are customized for each unique target audience.


Whether live on-site at your location, live off-site an one of our Fearless Executives in Business events, or leveraging our on-line courses – we have a variety of training programs available to develop your team’s leadership capability and establish higher degrees of connection so that you RAISE THE BAR on your business results. Contact us directly for more information.

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