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Statistics say – 70% of employees are either actively or passively disengaged in the workplace. Are you constantly searching for how to connect your team with your business strategy or frustrated with your results?

Conscious Leadership is a 5 Element System for creating connection in your business. Discover the connection that will shift the entire tone of your business so that every person there knows they are part of something great. Learn how to motivate your team to their highest potential where they ‘own’ your company values and ideas.

Conscious Leadership starts with YOU.

You will learn:

  • Five ways to Raise the Bar on your leadership style and make a difference
  • The key to building authentic connection in your business
  • How to magnetize the talent that you need for your organization
  • The method to gain alignment so that your team is moving in the same direction on your most important business strategies to realize extraordinary results
Leadership presence. It’s attractive. We know it when we see it, but we often have difficulty naming what it is. Over 90% of communication is non-verbal – sometimes it’s not how hard you work, but actually how you show up.

Conscious Leadership is a 5 Element System for creating connection. And that connection begins with your connection with yourself. Conscious Leadership is a state of being that magnetizes the results that you want in your life and career.

You will learn:

  • The power of purpose and intention
  • How to bring clarity to what you want most so that you are attracting it
  • How to set boundaries that serve you in your choices, behaviors and actions
  • The power and impact of your own self-talk – are you ‘self-talking’ yourself into a hole?
Effective communication is necessary to create extraordinary results in your business. And often our results still fall short. Common mistakes may include a lack of prioritization, a lack of clarity and inconsistency. But at the end of the day, does your team believe you? Do they trust you? And did you really give them the information they need? Uncover the real truths and the dirty little secret that is hidden in most conversations.

Conscious Leadership is a 5 Element System for creating connection in your business. Within this system, we focus on how to bring Clarity to your message. Conscious Leadership is a service-based model that reduces fear and risk in the organization, and enhances trust and alignment. And ultimately creates understanding and connection.

You will learn:

  • Strategies for successful communication
  • Why communication should be a top priority – including when and what to delegate
  • The need to take fear out of the equation
  • The key components for a successful roadmap that keeps everyone moving in the planned direction
  • Where does information get lost and how to mitigate this message dilution
  • How your behaviors and actions either support or undermine your message
  • The important distinction between one-way and two-way communication
  • What it means to really speak into your team’s interest and understanding
Change is a constant part of your business. Whether you are implementing a new technology solution, planning an innovative new customer strategy, or expanding into a new geography, getting your employees behind the change and moving sometimes can feel like you are herding cattle.

Conscious Leadership is a 5 Element System for creating connection in your business. Within this system, we focus on strategies to build Collaboration so that your team buys in to your business strategy and knows how to attain it. Collaboration strategies actually accelerate you to faster and better results.

You will learn:

  • Common mistakes most organizations make – and how to set your change program up for success
  • How to gain buy-in across impacted stakeholders before you spend the big money
  • What good collaboration looks like
  • How to plan and design a collaboration event
  • The key components for a successful roadmap that keeps everyone working as planned
  • How to select the right person or persons to manage the change – this role will make or break your success

Debbie Allen

International Business Speaker & Best-Selling Author

“Wow, the years of wisdom really blew me away!… She gets it.”

Dr. Rebecca Herman

Founder, Winning Culture Leadership

“What a great time I had listening to Hollie’s experiences with senior level leadership on why it’s important to raise the bar on Conscious Leadership or we are leaving money on the table.”

What Others Are Saying

Hollie’s presentation was truly remarkable. She was not only able to clearly explain the concept of Conscious Leadership, but also gave us valuable leadership tools which we can immediately implement in our organizations.
Robert W. Dudek, President & Broker Associate, The Blu Summit Real Estate Group at Keller Williams
Hollie easily falls into the top 5% of all change practitioner’s
Randy Collard, Executive Director, Top 15 Global Pharmaceutical Company
You are one of our all time fav consultants. That was a fun project to work on. We are still operating under the model we developed back then which is amazing..
David Barnes, VP Strategy & Finance, Roche Diagnostics
Hollie, when you lead our Executive Women’s Rountable – something magical happens.
Melissa Kenig, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Director of Education Services

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